One without the Other


We have all felt it in our lives at one time or another, the striving and learning how to be better with the hope of experience the one common emotion we all need, love. When we find love it begins with the common acceptance of two different lives with similar interests. The feelings that are felt, the thoughts that begin to take over our minds and the calm that only comes when they are near are the best ways to describe in words what love feels like. They call it “falling in love” for a reason, it’s not called strolling into love. Falling is an uncontrollable feeling that we all can relate to. Young love is one of the most intense feelings I personally have felt.  It has been the beginning of two people growing together; creating a bond that when fed and nurtured can become immeasurable and life changing.

I have been married to a wonderful woman for 13 years and if there is one thing I have learned it’s that our relationship has grown into one of the strongest bonds I have had in my life. My wife has been by my side through some times in our lives where we have experienced the most change “good and bad”, and during that time our own beliefs, opinions, and ideas begin to develop and take shape creating one single life together, at the same time growing in our own lives and learning how to lean on one another. I can’t help but feel closer to her as time goes by; my wife is the one person that has had the most important influence during the most crucial development periods in my life. Sometimes we suffer through terrible life situations, only to truly appreciate the good times we have in our lives. Our life together has had a funny way of working, either driving a wedge between one another separating and destroying the love we had in a relationship that was not healthy or pushing so hard that there is no other way to manage life’s pressure  other than to cling to one another. One day it will all become clear why we were blessed with the life God has provided us with the opportunity to have. There is no autopilot or cruise control; it takes work, sacrifice and determination and it is up to us to build up or tear down what we have. We are all broken and flawed; we all need look inside and change our mindset to mold into a better “us” and to become a true example for others to follow.


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