To This Day

To this day I feel the pain of being not quite good enough to have what I needed as a child, almost good enough to have the love of the ones who were designed to love me, only to  fall short of dreams I had as a child.

Growing up to destroy old patterns and break the cycle formally known as my life by showing our children how to live without explaining why dad is living in another house, or not having to explain what happened to my other family and why I have 2 moms and why I have more grandparents than all of my friends combined, to never have to ask do you love me because every night at 8:00 there are 2 children that will not go to bed unless I fluff there covers and a wife that can calm the raging storm that builds inside me by making eye contact with me. I was bullied, I was the outsider only popular because of a gift of comedy and the want to fit in at all costs, self preservation was not high on my list of priorities, To This Day I question what life could be like, but look at me now…. I am a successful father, husband and friend, and I’m thankful that my childhood dream didn’t come true, I never would have seen the beauty that my life has in store for me everyday.

We are all capable of destroying or building with the simple use of our words, so take the time to show love to everyone, go out of your way and remove yourself from your comfort zone and place your hand on a shoulder or take a second to make eye contact because you never know what it might change in someone’s life.Image


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