A Full Heart


As many of you might already know some others might not. Last Wednesday my wife had back surgery on her L5 S1 after many years of pain and has been completely immobile. Now being the “I got this” man that I love to be, I had time off work planned, mentally preparing to take children to and from school, keep up on the house and laundry… No problem right? YEA, sure my day starts at 5:00 AM and I get home around 5:00 PM then the work begins. Thanks to a great support group many of our friends and family began to make dinners and little acts of service and kindness for my wife and I. it has become more apparent how much of a team we are, when one of us are down it places a lot of pressure on the other. This is a marriage, this is a family and this is love. The sacrifices that everyone has made to help us in this time of need holds a special place in our hearts such a blessing, and helps more than they will ever know.

My heart is full with the love of God shown in his people. Thank you to everyone… The Jenkins family


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