Learning to yield to the yellow light

We all have our own “yellow lights” in life some are more literal, some are figurative. Over time and as the years pass we have forgotten what the yellow light represents, we learn to speed up because of the time we don’t feel we have or that we are wasting time with the quickly approaching red light. Some lessons in life can only be learned if we slow down enough to take the time and listen.

 With today’s fast pace lifestyle and the habits of always being connected, we want everything yesterday. I look at my Google calendar every morning before my morning meeting at work I noticed something over the last few weeks, I book and scheduling about two to three weeks out and on most occasions even attempt to schedule “plan nothing” days, most of the time get re-scheduled as something else “more important”.

 Everything is at our fingertips and available 24/7, everything with the exception of learning to build relationships. It is necessary to take the time to accomplish the skills it takes to build relationships. Faith, marriage, friendships and relationships with our children are being pressured and rushed to make room for the world we create. Today I take a stand to take time to listen to what my children have to say, to understand what my wife is telling me, to stand in the shoes of the people I work with and to be sensitive to what they all might be going through and I will fail, I will miss the point and I will try again the next day. A daily reminder to take the time to give our minds a break, smell the air, look at the grass and live the life we have been blessed to live is a lesson I think is worthy of slowing down for the yellow light.