Celebrate the Journey

July 17th 1998 marks 16 years to the day I met back up with the woman I would call my wife.
It was a normal Friday night, hanging with the boys trying to get in trouble on Westnedge. Driving and listing to the loudest music we could find and rounding up as many other friends along the way to meet up and hang for the night, it was an every weekend ritual.

Little did I know I was about to meet a girl that would change the course of my life. I remember that night like it was last night!

It was HOT out and Westnedge was packed with people seemingly going nowhere as any normal Friday night. Sitting at a red light, music as loud as a jet, a little red Ford Escort pulls up next to me. We look over and hello, what is this, girl’s. We were on our way to TCBY to quench the heat with some ice-cream, so we invited the girls to join us.

I had white chocolate mousse with gummy bears (don’t judge) it was my favorite!
One if the girl’s decided to begin to steal all of my gummy bears from my ice-cream. I was shocked at first, who else would enjoy half frozen gummy bears? I mean think about it, they are not easy to eat when they are not frozen..

As the night progressed, numbers were exchanged and I think I was home 15 seconds before the long late night phone calls would begin.
A second date was a must, thinking to myself, huh 2 redheads together… This could be trouble. I remember the feelings that began to rise up, and stir in a new area in my heart as our conversation went to great depths about life and the struggles, desires and dreams; she was like me, a broken family, deep scars and life without a direction.

One sleepless night became two and three and before you know it we spent ever chance we could get together.

16 years later, 14 years of marriage, 2 daughters, a house and a full life of gymnastic and guitar lessons later here we are.

Life has changed so much from the days I remember. The fights are about life together now not where we are going out to dinner. The issues are deep, the stress is eminence. We are adults now!

With two girl’s, a teenager and soon to be teenage life has shifted into a new gear, the one you have to hold on to the “oh shit” handle and hope the lessons and guidance you have tried to instill in them bears good fruit.

As the nights press on later and later and the mornings seem to be getting earlier we are learning to dance again. Like two tired warriors after a battle we sit back and try to assess the damage that has occurred along the way. Processing the “why, how’s and what now” is more complicated then I would ever imagined.
One thing has remained the same in all the swaying and running our determination to break the cycles we lived. To fight no matter what to stand for what a family is and should be and to teach our daughter’s to stand up for what a family means.

To the woman I have been blessed to call wife, I want to thank you for being my rock, my soft place to meet me when I needed someone and my voice of reason when I spin out of control.
Here’s to the rest of our lives and learning to celebrate the Journey, whatever we face we face it together! 


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