Freedom is Never Free

Great words about Freedom!

Red Tent Living

The first time Elly straddled a bike she hoisted herself onto the seat with Mark holding onto the bike and said, “I can do this Dad.” A moment later she rode away from his steadying hand hold, her brown hair waving in the breeze as her little legs peddled faster and faster while she let out a loud, “Wheeeeeee!!!!”  As she rides she waves to the neighbors, comments on their flowers and often sings. She’s taken a few good spills, skinned her knees some and always responds by climbing back on her bike. For Elly riding that bike is pure freedom, independence for the youngest of five, free to explore the neighborhood and enjoy the wind in her hair.

The first time Libby straddled a bike she began by asking questions…”Why is the seat so high?” “Why are these brakes so hard to squeeze?” “What happens if I get going…

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