Dream of Dreaming


When we begin to dream as children we think to ourselves, “what do I want to be when I grow up”? Doctors, astronaut, biologist, in the military, mechanic ect… Somewhere along the path of life our dreams begin to fade into the harsh reality that that may not happen.


I have been thinking a lot about that over the last few years, what is the cause of the destructions of our dreams? How is it that we become numb to the burn to become great, why do we settle and become ok with it?


When I was a child all I wanted to do was work with cars, fix them, modify them, and rebuild them, anything with cars and that is where my heart was.


Now at the age of 33 I am a Packaging Technician at one of the largest animal health facilities in the world. My position has nothing to do at all with cars, and yet I have found satisfaction in my career path. That still leaves the question, where do our dreams go?


I asked our oldest daughter what her dreams were and she told me she wants to be in the medical field, I just smiled and said great idea! After about 2 years the conversation about her goals in life I began to see the passion I saw in her eyes become faint, where did it go?


We tried so hard to guide her and support her goal and yet something still extinguished the fire inside her.


Is this the answer, the lack of motivation, lack of confidence from poor parenting or is it that too much of our self esteemed is based on what the world thinks?


My mind and emotions constantly battle when it comes to our children and their future, what can we do now to contribute to their success later. How can we give them a good level of confidence and build up their self esteem so they can become successful in life when the world around us says otherwise. How can I give them something I am learning for myself, or is that the trick.


Lowering my “I’m the parent, you are the child” thinking and maybe learn together as a family. I’m not saying as equals when it comes to the parent/child relationship but to change our mindset and think maybe, just maybe we can learn from the clear, pure mind of a child.


Maybe the goal is to teach one another as family and that is the key to developing a better relationship with our children. I am still learning, I still mess up often and learning to build relationships with our children as well as a marriage is proving to be a challenge. I’m proud of the parents we are and I’m proud of the marriage we have, we are far from perfect yet way beyond what I have dreamt of.


Our lives are a work in progress and only when we become stagnant and stop progressing do our dreams truly end.


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