Little Eyes


The picture is band I wear, see the scratches, the dents and see how warn it is.
Think of this as a representation of the choices that are made in life.

As bad as it looks, as rough as it is its meaning is as strong today as it was the day I got it. You see its not how it looks, its not how shiny it is or how new it is, its the vow that is attached to it.

I remember the first movie I saw as a child, it was on USA up all night. I remember thinking wow hot, and so the searching for more a beautiful woman begins ….

Not seeing that there was anything wrong with how a child views a woman this began the slow change in my mind of what a woman should be. I have always had posters and magazines in my room. It was never an issue growing up and that is what led to the addiction to pornography. I would like to say I have struggled with the addiction for as long as I can remember however that is not the case. To be honest it wasn’t as issue until we began to start a family or so it seemed, it has always been an issue I just didn’t know any better. What was seemingly innocent and secretive became emotionally numbing and created unreasonable expectation that no woman would ever meet. What seems to be secrete and harmless became one of the most destructive actions in my life. Over time the degradation of “the woman” in your mind will change and how any woman in your life is viewed and in turn how you interact with them as a woman. With the mindset that women are made to be beautiful and for us to look at was the lie that I told myself and 100% reinforced by the world we live in the struggle to overcome is astonishing. With the “sex sells” mentality and the youth being taught with lustful eyes this issue will continue to destroy families and it is up to us to break the ties that we keep secrete.

I can say I have struggled for less than 3 years with this addiction and have now been free for quite some time due to my faith and some friends help with accountability. I no longer think lustful at the sight of a woman nude in a movie or the occasional billboard on the highway. Now I can begin the process or redeveloping how I see women. My wife and I had a conversation about a year ago and we decided to make a vow to one another and in that vow a band had been bought. On that band that is worn on my right ring finger symbolizing my vow is 1 Thess 4:3 (It is God’s will that you should be sanctified: that you should avoid sexual immorality) and the word Purity engraved on the inside. To me it has as much meaning as the wedding band I wear and holds just as much value in my life. Each band is a representation of a vow I make, one to God that I cherish my wife and one to my wife that I cherish my heart.

These times and this world we live in is full of evil and that evil has no care for the destruction or the loss of our souls, it doesn’t care if you are male or female, White, Black, Asian, Hispanic, it doesn’t care if you are old or young. What it does look for are the lost, the lonely, the fallen, the broken, the ones who believe the lies we tell ourselves every day. It could be me; it could be you or your son or daughter. Evil wants to separate us, it wants to single us out, corner us and it is sneaky. It will not come from front and confront you; it will whisper a quiet little question “are you good enough”? “Are you sure” and then it sets back, fully knowing the “human nature” and watches as we self destruct. We are created to have both, the capability to build up and tear down any area in our lives and one another, its part of our free will.

Remember the song “be careful little eyes what you see” there is a reason it is sung to children, it is to plant the seed as a young child to think of what we do before we do it. From experience, remember what has been done can never be undone, what has been said can never be unsaid.

Treat life as the most fragile and most precious, think of loving as most important next to our faith. Chose wisely the path you take and who you take it with or one day you might end up in a swamp with only the lies you tell yourself running through your mind.


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