A Life Worth Living

“Nothing worth having come without pain and struggle”.

I’m sure you have all heard this 100’s of times before but have you ever thought about what that means?

Over the last month I have had some of the best of the best and the worst of the worst times in my life and this statement is beginning to make sense.

What is “it” worth to you? What ever “it” may be. If it is worth giving your life for or to then why would giving up even be an option?

One day this will all be over and when that day comes what do you want your friends, family and sounding people to be left thinking of? I want to destroy the word divorce, I want our children to have confidence in their decisions and want my friends to celebrate a well lived life full of memorys.

My wife told me once “live life like you want your life to be”. Not to have everyone snowed into thinking everything is perfect, to slowly change your thought pattern.

I want live a life full of pee holding laughter, tickle wars, movie nights, morning kisses and late night conversation! I want a passion that destroys fear and a love that infects everyone around me….. A life worth living


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