The Value of a Life

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You are valuable not because of who you are, but because of whose you are.

It all comes down to how you perceive yourself and what is it that (you) think makes you valuable.

What makes you feel important? Is it your wealth? Is it that you’re well educated? Do you feel important because you get lots of cell phone calls, texts; that must mean you’re popular? Is it that you have 1000’s of Friends on social media? Do you feel valuable because you have a high position at work? Whatever it is that you hold most high is where you put your vision of who you are.

While it certainly isn’t wrong to be wealthy, well educated, popular, or in leadership, the battle is to not allow them to define our worth and value. Things will fail us, it’s only a matter of when. Cars break down, friends come and go, family members will hurt you, profits decline and with any of them, our self-worth takes a hit.

I place so much of my value on my success as a father and at marriage, (with unreasonable expectations) that when the hard time comes with our daughters or in our marriage my instinct is to think “what did I do wrong or what I can do to help fix this situation”. Some of that comes from being a man, “Mr. Fixit” and some comes from a high standard I set for living, “never doing what my parents did” and at times are unreasonable for anyone to meet!

I see the changes that need to be made and yet I struggle with the “how” to change, is it my thinking or is it the desires that need a re-alignment. Learning to place my value in something that cannot fail like faith in God has its struggles of its own, how do I see a father? In my life I have had many fathers and all have failed at times, holding on to the past and comparing our heavenly father to the fathers I remember, I cut him short. 

This week I have the opportunity to spend every second of every day when I’m not working with our daughters. At first I was trying to plan ways to keep myself busy in this time away from my wife.

During a conversation I had on day 2 of 11 someone told me “what a blessing to your daughters” it didn’t sink in at first and then “ah ha” how many daughters get to enjoy their fathers for this amount of time?

My vision of who I am is evolving into something much different, something of where a man can be gentle enough to connect with a 9 year old girl about friends at school and at the same time speak into a 13 year old daughter about a boy she is “in love” with. My value is not in weather or not my daughters succeed in life or my marriage sinks or swims, my value is that I do what’s right in every situation and bless others with the gifts I have been blessed with. What is your value? Does your vision of your value cut you short or build you up?


One thought on “The Value of a Life

  1. “My value is that I do what’s right in every situation and bless others with the gifts I have been blessed with.” Yes! And that’s our purpose in life. I’m so happy for you that you know this, and that you’re sharing it with others!

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