A New Day

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With today’s fast pace lifestyle and never ending bombardment from the world to achieve more, acquire more, be more and to never feel adequate enough its no wonder family’s are falling apart every second.

Here are some statistics from (cdc.gov)

Marriage rate: 6.8 per 1,000 total population

Divorce rate: 3.6 per 1,000 population

In simple terms almost a 50% divorce rate. That means that half of the marriages that begin, half of the family’s that have been grown end in divorce. If this does not put fear in your heart for our children, friends and family then nothing will.

Now to my point, day after day, night after night we get sucked into the trap. The trap is so easy to enter into that there is a chance you or someone very close to you is currently in the trap.

The trap I speak of is not an imprisonment in a marriage you can’t get out of or a “ahh, I can’t get any better” so I stay.

No this trap is the slow day to day busy lifestyle that over time wears you down until complacency begins to set in.

You know what I’m talking about, today is the same as yesterday, is the same as tomorrow and the next thing you know, the trap has you, it has you in its messy downward spiral.

Truth is not one day will ever be the same as another, not one second has ever been lived before. We get in the mindset that this is life, always has been and always will be…

That is the lie we rest in because it is easy, it is safe and even as hard as some of the days can be there is comfort in the pain we are used to. We forget about our choices to begin over every minute, every hour or every second.

Today does not have to be yesterday and tomorrow can be something beautiful and new. I fail every day at this, I am a planner, I am a goal setter and then that is it there better not be any changes to my plan. Nothing better get in the way of my schedule. Well, life has a way of pissing you off from time to time doesn’t it.

As you read this the moments it takes  have never been lived before, this second as you think about what that means is more then enough time to begin new.

Don’t let the past destroy the future, nothing that has ever been done to you, against you or that involves you has the power to destroy your future, you give it the power, you feed the fear, you keep watering the tree of pain in your heart.

Life is meant to be a series of mistakes, not one of us has lived a perfect life, not one of us deserves anything from one another.

I can only pray that I can one day be the father, husband and friend that can bless the 3 beautiful ladies in my life and my job will never end. Every minute is made new, every thought has a “good or bad” choice.

I want my legacy to be seen as a man of great strength, endless grace and no depth to the love I have for the people around me.

Go live new, go love deep and forgive with no limit.


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