See With Your Eyes Closed 

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To see life with our eyes open is one thing, but to see life with our eyes closed is a totally different experience.

When I look at something I’m going through in life with my eyes open I tend to think about it first and feel it later. The issue with that is once something enters my mind, first, it is hard to stop the thinking and begin the feeling and second my mind runs away with the thoughts “I blame my imagination”. Seeing something with your eyes closed first and to feel it before thinking about it has proven to have a much better outcome in my life. Listening to that small voice in my heart and not reacting like my mind loves to do does three things for me.

  • It allows me to spend time feeling and then react with a calmer response.
  • It creates a safe conversation as opposed to a blaming or guarded conversation.
  • Most times it destroys most of the shame and or guilt that I tend to control a desired outcome of a situation with.

I have a subscription to a great website that sends me quote after quote from people all over the world, some I have heard and read before and some are new, here is one that I have read over and over throughout my life and only now can understand the depth and meaning behind it.

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart”. – Helen Keller

knowing her story all I can think of is amazement for her to have such a positive outlook on life while having the disabilities she lives with every day.

As a follower of God I think it is my duty to teach from actions, show from works and bless without expecting something in return. I believe that my faith should not be poured out on everyone I see, it should not be forced on our children to follow Christ (or anyone else for that matter) it should be through a curious question that someone has for me or for someone to ask why is he different or even what is wrong with Scott, and in that, is where others are attracted to me. Because I reveal who Christ has created me to be and HE is seen in me.
That is where the fear sets in and the lies I tell myself begin.

Why would I EVER want someone to follow me?!?!
What do I have that others would ever want to go through? Well the truth is, others are going through their own lives and struggles and most are far worse than mine and it is up to me to help others feel loved and to feel a closeness to God through my actions with them.

“Seeing with your eyes closed” or for lack of better words “faith”.  I want to live with faith guiding my life not fear, to believe that I can help just because I bring a different view to what someone may be going through and to accept that life is messy and to express sincerity in my relationships. To step out of the boat knowing I will be changed forever and believing that it will be for my positive forward movement, not to remain in the hell we call life.

Whether you follow Christ or do not is not for me to judge, we are created to be loved and to love, the world has other ideas about how we should treat one another. As for me, and as a father, I am designed to lead my family, it is my choice what direction we travel, it is my responsibility to guide my wife and children as a leader not a ruler and to provide a safe and secure resting place to dwell. To see with my eyes closed, to walk in faith for the things of the heart cannot be seen, they can only be felt.


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