Guarantees of Life


The Guarantees of Life are there are no guarantees in life; nothing is a ​100%, nothing ​is for sure and the guarantee is that​ nothing guaranteed. Let’s face it, we as humans, simply mess things up, we are messy, selfish, impulsive at times and the world revolves around “us”.

I’m not saying​,​ everyone​,​ is all of these,​ at our core we are selfish​,​ we fight to not allow these actions and thoughts to guide us through life. We are all wired for a desire to connect, be connected with and to feel love. That is why social media is at an all time high, it’s too simple to not get hooked on it!

Our desire to connect on any level is at times primal, almost like we do it not thinking about it. I have heard that the worst form of torture is solitary confinement, the separation of human to human contact and interaction.

The test of humility is how we respond to correction in our lives.
Do we constantly blame our surroundings or others for our situation in life?

At one time in our lives, that may have been our reality, but if we are honest with ourselves we see a change is needed to decrease the habits of doing things that reinforce our bad habits. That is why it is necessary to have others who love us enough to correct us and help realign ourselves when we begin to drift off track. Now for the hard part, loving yourself enough to release the pride, guilt and shame that can consume our thoughts and allow others to speak into our lives.

Breakthrough is never done in isolation; it happens when we are bold enough to let others tell us the truth about our circumstances and ourselves and to achieve the ability to use that as a positive influence in our lives.

“There are no guarantees. From the viewpoint of fear, none are strong enough. From the viewpoint of love, none are necessary”. Emmanuel
(Pat Rodegast)

With the goal to live a life full of fear and the thoughts of a secure future would be a battle that will never be overcome! A future based of faith that in life you will “reap what we s​ew​” and knowing there will be tragedies, failures, devastation and death in life is security enough.  If you enter any situation with genuine love and sincerity the outcome will be different than if we enter it with aggression and blame. Open communication fosters the progression of change. Being honest about the messy situations of life has been one of the toughest tasks I have ever experienced and with it came a depth of change that I have could never imagine. The bond that is made when the walls fall, the heart is broken and poured out is beyond what words can describe, it is simply divine and a blessing from God.


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