“Everything you can imagine is real.”
– Pablo Picasso

“Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.” – Albert Einstein

Imagine what our lives would be if we fully believed that the wars and trials we face in life have already been overcome.

Imagine the freedom of thinking “I have already won” with our families, our businesses, our marriages, and our friendships.

Imagine if we accepted that we are saved by the sacrifice of Jesus’s death on the cross.

Imagine if we grew to be thankful for everything we have, from the water we get without thinking about where we are going to get it to the hundreds of extra dollars we blow on “things we need.”

Imagine if we learned to love, truly love everyone in our circles of connection, and they all loved everyone in their circles.

Imagine if we had to sacrifice our child for the life of another, could you imagine a bigger sacrifice?

Imagine if we put all our faith in God for the plans that have been established for our lives, (our calling).

Imagine if we mended our lost or broken relationship with our family and learn to accept and give forgiveness.

Our imagination is a blessing from God, it is a necessary component that allows us to act of free will. It gives us the ability to chose how we live, what we believe and the path our lives will travel.

Imagine what life could be if we slow down enough to live it…


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