Equipping the Tool Belt


“If your only tool is a bomb, you tend to see every problem as a target” – Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Our tool belts of life should continually be checked, new tools added and old tools discarded and to learn what tools to use for what task.

You wouldn’t use a hammer to drive in a screw would you? So why is it that we use the wrong tools for the wrong jobs every day? It is because we are used to the outcome, we have grown accustom to the response we get (good or bad) we know what to expect and therefore know how to handle it.

We are creatures of habit, we tend to stick with what we know, sit in our comfort zones and only under pressure step into an unknown area of life. Sure sometimes we strive in certain areas of our lives to be more, do better or set higher standards. Under most situations it takes some sort of pressure to “inspire” us to move. Sometimes the desire is of a positive change and other times it comes from a negative change and both have pros and cons, both have a multitude of options and both have consequences.

Big choices in life are never easy and all choices change the future.

All my life I have carried a big hammer, I’m not saying I’m aggressive in nature, I just tend to limit myself to one tool that I know how to use and tend to try to fix all the “issues” I have approached. Thinking to myself “I have to fix it, I have to fix it, what to do, this has to be fixed and it has to be fixed today!?” If that didn’t work, looks like I need a bigger hammer, looks like I need to try harder, looks like I need to dig deep and find a resolve!

Sometimes a gentle approach is needed not a hammer, sometimes doing nothing is actually doing more and sometimes time is the most effective tool. With that said I do not like to wait, I do not like to sit in a messy situation so I suck it up and find a nice place out of sight to hide the issue. Only later to come back as a tree of destruction because of the small seed that was left to grow and fester.

I am learning that tools are a very necessary part of life, and having the right tools for the job is even more important.

“If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail” – Abraham Maslow

Learn to use a new tool, try something different for a change, open up and allow others to speak into your life and see what tools they have in their belt.

You will never know how easy it is to drive a screw with a screwdriver until you stop using a hammer.


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