With today’s insanely high use of technology and the desires of a quick responses to any need to be filled immediately God has became an option in our lives and in some cases nonexistent at all.

Face in the phone, our mind on sports, social media, vacations, getting away, retirement and the end of the struggle. I caught myself thinking “man 2042 I can retire and off the grid I go” I was thinking I can’t wait to just disappear from everything, out on our lake house trolling around on our pontoon enjoying a glass of wine with my wife…. Ahh the life!

Then I quickly corrected myself, I am not called to disappear, I am not called to end my life as a helper and retreat to my safe place. I am called to give, sacrifice and bless others until I pass on! I want to be a blessing in the life of others for my entire life, not to drop the facade after I get older and relax as if I have paid my due to society. I believe we are building an empire for our families, here on earth and in the after. That should not end, I feel we should be a blessing until the end.

How many of you know that cool old man that gave until he died, now think of the grumpy old man that sat in his house and yelled at the kids in the neighborhood “stay off my grass” . I want to be the old man that has stories the youth seek to hear about and learn from, not the grump.

We use God as an object, when I need you “you better show up”.   I sometimes catch myself with a little Jesus in my back pocket and when times get hard pull out my trump card only to find out that is not how it works. Then I get angry when what I expect to happen doesn’t, “You Fool” how will he bless me when I use him like I use my phone?

God was once the foundation of everything in America as well as in most homes in America, now he has been diluted and dulled down and used as a backup plan for things we can’t handle. When life gets tough “please Jesus give me strength”  when our lives begin to fall apart, “Why Jesus, is this happening”? the time has passed when we thank him for what we have, our lives and the many blessings we take for granted.

We have a habit of not feeling our prayers, it has become a duty not a desire to pray for the good and the bad.

“heavenly father, thank you for today, thank you for the blessings we have and the blessings that have yet to come. Thank you for the children you have given us and the marriage you continue to feed, my desire is not to stand on my own two feet but to rest in the promise of your word  and to walk blind to the world in your faith, Amen”.

I don’t want Jesus in my pocket, I want him in my heart. 


Jesus in My Pocket

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