We Are Our Problems


Our lives are examples of the exact patterns we desire to break.

What we think is what we will become, change your thinking and change the outcome of what you will become.

I read an article on how humans adapt to their environment both physically and mentally. The article point of reference was more towards the environmental aspect and it was still interesting to read how as humans we tend to become a product of our environment. For instance, if you grow up on a farm as a farmer you are going to have a more physical working lifestyle as opposed to if you grow up in the city and have a desk job. You will see the world differently as being a different “product of our environment”.

“We are what we repeatedly do” – Aristotle

Create what you desire and it can be achieved.
I desire a healthy lifestyle, am I going to get it by not sleeping enough, not eating healthy and not regularly exercising? No, but often we expect it to happen. Our minds work the same way, think of what you want, set a goal and plans on how to reach what you desire and begin. Step by step, day by day you will begin to change, we are created to change and adapt. I personally get stuck in the day to day monotony of life, get up, go to work, pick up the girls from school, homework, dinner, shower and bed and repeat… It’s only in the changes of the day to day I begin to feel alive, the vacations away from society, the beach days, the nights out with my wife and with our family. THAT is when I begin to feel human again. So I fight to use my mind and imagination in the day to day by writing and music.

What makes you happy?

What speaks to your heart?

What is it that makes you feel alive?

I love people, I like to interact, talk and relate to people. So my job at times can be very fulfilling to me and other times after working with the same people for many years the conversations have become dull and almost pointless at times. So the pursuit of happiness continues, the desire to become something more has begun once again..

Conditioning our mind is exactly like conditioning our body; it takes work and dedication to reach what we desire. The same way you would build a muscle by repeated movement and to strain it (challenge it) we can build our minds. Like building a muscle the same movement over and over can also break down the muscle. That is where changing up your workout (or thinking differently) is necessary.

Now there are some slight differences as humans that change how we live, genetic makeup, disposition of our personalities and views because of past experiences and how we were raised that make changing certain thought processes more difficult than others.

Here is an example.
For those who use text smiley faces here is a choice for you how do you see this?
Smile or frown?

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them” – Albert Einstein

Personally I try to see things a bit optimistic and try to find the good in a bad situation. That gives me the opportunity to overcome at times and it also gives me the opportunity to not see the importance of working through some things fully and wanting to accept what has happened and move on.

– Sometimes it’s in the destruction we see the construction.

– Sometimes we need to feel something a bit deeper to spark the change needed in our minds to have the desire to change the way we think.

– Sometimes we are our own problems, and need a bump to get out of a bad thought pattern.

Are you going to continue to be your own problem or are you going to learn to be your own solution…..


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