Old Canvas


Once lost in the dark, my life changing to light and bringing forth a clarity to the perception of the canvas of my heart.

In the past I thought of life as a puzzle. With a renewed vision I am beginning to see life as a painting, a tattered and torn canvas with layer after layer of paint.

The multitude of colors and depth of the paint bring out our lives as the canvas.

“Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint you can on it”. – Danny Kaye

I do not need to mend a puzzle, I do not need to fix what seems broken, I simply need to paint over the old with a new beauty, what was once ugly can be made new.

A new start daily with a fresh brush and paint of my choice and even and old canvas is suitable.

The ugly paint will never be gone however it can be a beautiful work of art and the wounds of old paint add a depth to the masterpiece called life.

The life we choose to paint is not the life we must keep as permanent. Our canvas should be a never ending work of art.

Credit to my amazing wife for the image. Her passion for art manifested in my words.


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