Living to Die or Dying to Live


When I was young I was dying to get to high school. Then I was dying to drive and then I was dying to get out of high school and then I was dying to get a job and then I was dying to get married and start a family and then I was dying to grow old enough to have kids and then I was dying to get them into school and now I’m dying to get them through the dreaded teen years of school.
This last year I was dying to simply make it all work…..

Rest your mind for a second, take a minute and think about the “good old days” Ahh, the good old days,….. well today will one day be a memory of the good old days…

When will I live?
When will I view life as an adventure and stop dying to get through the next thing or see living as “surviving”? I’m sure I was not created to simply survive, I was created to make an impact on those around me, to be an effective father and husband.

As my mind floods with the thoughts, “When I get myself together enough I can be there for others” maybe it’s my “not together” that will impact others. Then comes the question of what you will leave as a legacy. I want to be famous, famous beyond my wildest dreams however there are only four people I want to be seen as famous. I want to been seen as famous in the eyes of my God, my wife and our two daughters.

I was asked once “do your blogs make you proud”? In a way yes however not as a boastful pride, more like I’m proud of the journey I have entered into and that others desire to walk with me by reading and allowing my words to touch them. My goal in that, to influence others, to change their lives, and to impact their lives in a positive way.

I guess in a way this will be my journal, my journal of what I have experienced and how I became the man I am today.

Today I choose to live, today I choose to love and today I choose to brush the dirt off my knees and continue my walk.


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