Choices of Vision


As I navigate through my life comparing and seeing my faults, my hope is destroyed. Lying in bed scrolling through Facebook it always starts out with joy to see what is happening in the world of friends and after a very short time begins to wear at my soul. The thoughts begin; “man they have a very nice Pinterest house” or “their family looks amazing” when in reality social media is nothing but a filter that we control; only putting up the “best of the best”.

I am not saying I am on the road to unhappiness or that my family life is not an amazing blessing, I just get worn thin with stimulation overload from the “seemingly perfect” life that we all post about. What begins as a joyful journey into social media quickly turns into a hope stealer and an unpleasant wave of “blah”.

This is my struggle, the struggle of comparison: look at how fit he is, look at their house, and look at the Sti he has…. Am I angry or bitter? Am I coveting what others have? It does from time to time make me re-examine what I think I have.

It is in that reexamination of my life where my joy begins to rise up, look at what I have been blessed to have in my life, 2 beautiful, smart and talented daughters, an amazing wife of half my life and a great job. I feel proud of the accomplishments we have overcome and the life we have  created, yes there are some struggles and no we are not perfect so why torture myself with the comparison of others?

The journey between what you once were
and who you are now becoming
is where the dance of Life really takes place.
– Barbara De Angelis

Learning to dance when you want to hide, learning to laugh when you want to cry and learning to let go when you hold on with all of your life, THAT IS LIFE!

The struggle is becoming less and less the more I dig into the word and realize it does not matter what I am to this world what matters is who I am to this world. The people that surround us really have no weight when it comes to who we are.

God is the judge and the jury and has the final say on how I have lived my life. As I begin to realign my sight on whom and where I should compare my life to, the noise around me begins to calm. The voices of reason begin to come back and I am now able to hear the one voice that truly matters.

I will always fall short, I will always fail and I will always seek forgiveness for what I have done. Being a light in a dark room, being a quietness in the storm of life and being an example of Christ through how I love and show grace in my life.

When I see my life without the clutter of social media and with the filter through who I am in Jesus, I am a blessed man, blessed far beyond what I deserve. By my faith in the promise that has been made I am made strong and by His grace I am saved.

I am thankful for everyone who is in my life and as the group of loved one gets smaller and smaller the level of true love is apparent. I can see the pure love around me and I will let that feed my life..


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