The second I heard the words from your mother’s lips “we are going to have a baby” my heart changed, I had become a father. I became responsible for another human life and responsible to help your mother through some of the toughest times from that moment on.

No going back, no giving up, no saying “ I don’t think I can do this” I was all in and to this day am all in. Every day (good or not so good) you are both a blessing to me, you are a special gift to me and your mother, little pieces of the love that we share, walking, talking, attitude filled pieces of our hearts.

I only get you for a short time, and in this time I know I have and will make mistakes, I know we will have days that we do not want to speak to one another and I know we will have days we think we are better off without one another in our lives and I know the love I have for you both is much greater than any of that. It is greater than any love I have for anyone in the world with two exceptions, one being God and two being your mother…

The day will come when you move on and begin a life with the one you call love, just rememver you will always be my little girls and remember I was given the responsibility to protect, love and look after you and until my last breath and I swear to do just that.

I love you both far beyond where words reach.


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