Pursuit of Romance


Tomorrow is dreaded by some as the day all men will be held to a standard by society to meet a romantic expectation. It is a romantic day to me and I do love Valentine’s Day, it sets a dedicated day every year to set aside time to spread love to our loved ones. The issue with it to me is what should be done the other 364 day in the year.

I heard a quote “if you want to have something you have never had before then you have to be willing to do things you have never done before”. With that said most days can be a chance to attempt to do what has never been done before. Personally I want my wife and children to know the other 364 days that they are loved by me. Like anything there has to be a balance and a dedicated time to help the expression of the love that you are trying to share be affective. It’s probably not the best idea to wake your spouse up early on their day off to express the love you have for them if they love to sleep in. Looking at the big picture I have never had children other than our two daughters and never been married to anyone other than my wife so in a way we are blazing a new trail. I am up for the challenge of setting a course in life that I have not experienced.

I am especially excited for tomorrow as a day spent together with our children and to actually do nothing. A day dedicated to resting and hanging out together, eating great food, watching movies and eating popcorn and not even taking one stop out of the front door of our house. Life has a way of becoming too busy to even share a moment of genuine love with one another and that is far too busy.

Tomorrow represents a new day to show someone that you care about just how much you love them. Find out what speaks to them not what you “think” they enjoy. For years I bought my wife roses on Valentine’s Day only to find out she hates roses… Yes she accepted them with love but imagine if I would have known then what I know about her. After 16 years together I am still learning what she likes and dislikes and I hope that never ends, that is the pursuit of romance. To continually learn about the ones you love and to learn to meet them as they grow and develop.


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