Stronger Together


Without forgiveness there can be no second chances and without second chances there can be no baseline for self improvement.

Learning what works and  what does not work takes failures, successes, overcoming obstacles and understanding shortcomings. Surround yourself with people that will allow you to fail and still remain in relationship with them through it. That is where true self discovery is best learned, it is learned in community with others that genuinely care for you.

Isolation is good in moderation to process the developments that are currently be made. Isolation is a way to further our development yet  can also create a space to “miss the mark”. If you surround yourself with those who do not care or are toxic to you there will be less learning and an increase in the chance of the decline of who you are and who you think you are and eventually the relationship will end leaving more of a negative impact in your development then a positive.

Using a marriage as an example, it is a very unique relationship unlike any other and because of how deep the relationship goes for both into friendship, intimacy and our sexuality and if neglected it can tear down who you are. It can also build up who you are and being a support system for one another is a key role to the healthy development of the relationship. I know where I fail some of the time and others I am totally blind to the way I act, so being honest when a mark is missed is very important as well as open communication about the act.

Have you ever heard the saying “Alone we are strong, together we are stronger” that is “I believe” the basis of what God has intended for our lives. I am strong enough to live my own life alone and with community, my family and marriage I am strong enough to help others live and to have a foundation based on the words He has provided.

To learn what works and what does not in life will in most cases take our entire life to learn.

“You are in charge of your life.
The people you interact with every day are mostly focused
on their own fears and needs,
and generally don’t make the extra effort to be kind to you.
Forgive them, and take responsibility
for creating your own life as your masterwork”.
– Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Forgiveness and second chances are a necessity to live and continue to grow in our own lives. Learning to forgive and give second chances is a blessing to allow someone else to grow.

Love deep, forgive often and hold one another up when they fall, it’s not if they fall it’s when they fall.


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