YOLO Live it up


I have been given a great opportunity to be surrounded and in community with some amazing men over the last day and night. The power of a room full of men that love their families, children, wives and God is pure inspiration to my mind and to my heart. YOLO (you only live once) is a huge term in our youth today and I agree Yolo, live it up…


Unfortunately the meanings I have in my mind and the meanings of our children couldn’t be more polar opposite.

Sitting shoulder to shoulder with 30 to 40 other men. Football players, hunters, fathers and brothers, all strong men. A bit of intimidation begins to set in as I am hold back emotion because it’s not acceptable to show emotion as a man, “Words from the world we live in” be strong, be a man, dominant and powerful.

Men don’t cry, men don’t show fear, men don’t question the destination of their lives they make life what it is. As a man the message from the world is to have it all together as leaders, we do not need to follow.

Tears begin to fill my eyes as I hear the message from an amazing speaker, “the world will squeeze you, the world will tease you and then the world will seize you” blessings of the world.

If you know me you know the level of energy I have for life (in any direction positive or negative), I’m going for it. With that said my mind spins, my mind travels into areas that others may never think about.

Example: what happened to the humans that died before having the option to be saved by the death of Jesus? Did they simply get into heaven by default? Did they go to Hell?

Back to my content….
Knowing my struggles with my mind and my heart it was made clear this weekend how my mind, body and heart can make or break me.

Grace is receiving what is not deserved. When we sin, receiving forgiveness is not deserved. 

Mercy is not receiving what is deserved. In sin there is death and we all sin so receiving mercy is to not be punished for our sin.

There is the difference! The Yolo attitude of our children is to believe and think they deserve the world and do nothing to little to advance in it.

The mind receives everything we see, hear, smell, taste and feel and sends all the information to the heart after processing through your personal filter. The heart places an emotion on what is sent and the action has already begun.

Thinking awakens emotion and affection for what we are thinking about. Think about being sad and you have set in motion the option to become sad. Yes life has hard times and pain that is where the separation begins.

What will you seek?
What will you fill your mind with?
What you seek with your mind you will show with your heart and actions.

Personally when I think of YOLO I think of being the father that our daughters can come to when they have their heart broken by a boy or the kind of husband that my wife can come to for rest and peace in her heart because she knows and trusts where my heart is as a man of God.


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