The nature of life is constant change. The world is not the same today as it was yesterday and it will be different still tomorrow. We can be victims of that change, or we can proactively drive change. The way of success: Visualize the end result, Plan, Take action, Persevere, Re-plan, Take action, Persevere…..

This a great way to do anything in life from marriage to raising children. Nothing in life will stay without change for long, life itself is in a constant Flux

Adapt but do not give in, brush off your knees, pick yourself up off the floor and re-set your sights on your goals in life, learn from what has happened and always remember to give it one more shot, take the painful steps of change and push through…

Last night we had a conversation with our oldest daughter about the importance of healthy relationships, I figure I should share with her what I myself am learning. I imagined what my teen years could have been if I would have heard some of this when I was younger. Now I know she knows everything already being a teen and all, so if she heard a fraction of what we said it would be worth it. So during our conversation I saw the gears turning and that was all I needed to see to know that she has opened her heart to what we were explaining to her. We explained the importance of surrounding herself with good influences and people that care about their own future as well as hers. So now the journey has begins for her to enter the chapter of life where the decisions she makes will change the course of her life.

As a young boy I never really grasped the fact that there will be people that do not like me and now as I am in my mid 30’s I am learning that there is a balance and that not everyone has to like you. “Yea, I’m a slow learner”. Now what this lead to as a teen was lots of succumbing to peer pressure and never really knowing what made me happy. I had my work cut out for me trying to please everyone else to maintain a friendship with them. Some of my overcompensating selflessness was due to the fact that we moved around yearly and it made making new friends quickly a necessity of survival. Now as an adult that has not moved in 11 year and have been at the same job for 15 years I still have a hard time when I think that someone may not like me.

Looking back to some of the things I thought I could never overcome those hardships have been some of the greatest changes to my soul and heart. My life’s path and road I am now traveling has been change by the hard choices I have overcame in my life. When you think to yourself “I can’t handle this” or feel like giving up find the strength to push harder. Find the strength in what touches your heart, find it in family, friends, listen for it in music, create it on art seek it in faith and fight to never look back.

If and when you do, because you may, only look back to see what you have overcome, keep your eyes and heart set on where you are heading. What you have experienced in your past is not who you are or who you will become, I am proof that great things grow from nothing….

You can do it!


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