Love You Better


As humans our desire is to connect, to love and to be loved, it is a necessary emotion and basic human need.

It is also one of the most commonly misguided and misused words in existence. To say the words “I Love you” in some cases have no more weight than to say “hello” when answering the phone. It is thrown around too often and confused even more with many other terms that are used on a daily basis.

(Definition of Love)
An intense feeling of deep affection and a great interest and/or a pleasure in something.

I have a hard time saying the words “I love you” to just anyone, even friends as a gesture of closeness I struggle with replying when told I love you. With the exception of very few individuals I try not to use the words unless I am looking for a deeper connection knowing it is appropriate to my marriage and family. My desire to love better and to focus the love I currently give is warped by the worldly view of what love is. Love is commonly seen as romantic, full of desire, a longing for someone and at times needy, I guess in the wrong situation could be.


Using the text of the bible as reference the word (Love) is used 100’s of times and looking at the translation over the years has increased. With the reference as the bible being a guide for our lives the translation proves the increase in the use of the word.



The word has become a more acceptable word to use and the “novelty” and depth of the word has been dulled down to simply another phrase used in our day to day conversation. Well, that doesn’t sit well with me; I like the words I speak to have meaning behind them and the meaning to connect with an emotion in others, so I choose to use my words as wisely as I can. I say the words I love you every night to my family and over time have seen the words becoming a “routine” with our children as they quickly respond “Love you too dad”.

My goal is to love better not learn a new way to say the words.

To show and be an example of love so when I communicate the words there are actions backing up my words as a measure of love.

I desire to love you better, a vow to love deeper, to seek endlessly and to overcome the worldly limitations I face.


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