Fight or Flight


Have you ever been late to class? That feeling of walking in after everyone has clearly been asked to begin an assignment. The adrenaline that rushes through your body, the 100’s of thoughts that make your mind race, the feeling is fear. What are they thinking? I look stupid. I feel like an idiot… There is a very high chance that everyone in that room has felt that same feeling at one time or another.

Understanding and learning to accept that you are not alone and that the others in the room are most likely thinking “man I know that feeling” rather than “what an idiot.”

Stepping out in faith takes courage, determination and faith and is usually met with some form of resistance and most of the time we are the resistance we face.

Recently my wife and I were asked to do just that, act in faith and join a team dedicated to the transformation of lives through self focus groups, marriage re-focusing groups and leadership trainings. It was a shock to be asked to join such a strong team (thinking of myself as VERY average to below average) I at first said “yea right” in my mind and then it hit me, we are all average in our own ways, we are all weak at something and we are all strong in other areas.

We set out on this journey a little over a week ago when we attended their Leadership Transformation Training and at that time we were asked to join in on the training they are offering in California. Being from Michigan it seemed scary to travel across the United States away from our family, away from our responsibilities and away from our comfort zones to receive this training. So the thoughts and excuses began to pour in and in my mind I began to back slide into the “I’m not good enough to be on this team”.

Why me?

Do they realize how messed up I am?

Do they know I struggle in most areas of my life?

So in faith I say, “Yes, they know I’m a mess and that is what makes me acceptable.” I am real, I am brave enough to talk to complete strangers with openness and honest emotions and create a connection and safe place to begin the process of healing. I am fighting the old thought process and stepping out into a new area of my life.

In April (next month) we will be traveling to California to receive training and take part in an amazing opportunity here in Michigan as part of a team dedicating ourselves to walking with others and through our life experiences showing them how to overcome and persevere through the storms of life. I am honored to have the opportunity to receive this training and grateful to be a part in seeing others grow. We can sit and complain about everything life brings into our path or we can learn to equip ourselves with understanding of what to do and how to do it.

I am learning it is much better to seek understanding as to why we do what we do rather than blaming our circumstances (that most of the time we create) for the struggles in our lives.

“It is so easy to become preoccupied with what is wrong in your life,
while just taking for granted all that is wonderful.
Take time today to think about all you have to be grateful for.
See the good in life. “– The Storm of Life


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