Have you ever sat back and thought of all the events that you have experienced throughout your life? From the great conquering life changing events to the appalling events that keep you up at night.

Think of the lessons that have been learned or not learned and the outcome of the circumstances and the hold they have on your life today.

How did it impact you?
What did you take away from it?
What are you carrying with you?
How many years have you been carrying it?

This year has started out with a bang, and so far has no signs of letting up. With that said how many of you automatically thought negatively about the statement “this year has started out with a bang”? I usually do, however today I feel differently.

See our preconception is to view life’s struggles as negative. That is not always the case, some events can be eye opening and have a huge positive outcome as long as the choice to view the outcome is not flooded with the past events.

I recently had a scare in my life that was just that, an eye opener.

What do I want for my life? How do I want to live?
Who do I want to be and who do I want others to think of me as?
In my life I have never been faced with a chance of my life never being the same, which has never been spoken about from a doctor’s point of view, and as if it was an option. I was told after sitting in the Emergence Room for 4 hours in the worst pain I have ever experienced that surgery is the only option. The outcome after surgery were less than pleasant as I went in to the hospital as a fit and healthy 34 year old man. The chances of returning from surgery with a colostomy bag, normal diet or even a hard stool ever again were the options I had been faced with and the chance that they caught the issue in time will change the percent of fatality.

One minute I am getting ready to go to the gym and 5 hours later there is a chance my life could end and will most likely be change forever. That was March 11th and I am sitting here against the odds that I heard that night.

My eyes have been opened and I see how fragile life is and how the fears in my life control the direction I choose to travel in life. 

Today a clam is over me, the anxiety of “what’s next” was left on the operation table in the hospital and the free feeling of choices are spread out in front of me like a menu at a restaurant. The choice is to live today and worry about today. Today I feel great, today I am alive, today I have a beautiful wife to share my life with, today I have two beautiful daughters that love me and today I choose to not worry about tomorrow.

This year is going to be amazing, I see the doors and there are many choices, yet for the first time I hear a calm voice guiding me through one door after another, one amazing door after another. I have learned I am a “dip my toe in the pool” kind of guy, constantly weighing the options of everything I’m faced with.

“It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything”. Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club

There is some truth to letting everything go and to stop controlling or attempting to control everything. It’s no wonder so many people are an anxiety medicine. We are lead to believe that only if we have the right house in the right neighborhood, the right car, the better job and the right clothing only then we can relax and begin to live. The entire time putting off the life we are living right now for a better life that will never come tomorrow.

Today I choose to jump in, today I choose to live. Find your strength today to let go and jump in.

Does it sound better to wake up one day and regret everything you didn’t do or to sit back and think of everything you have done?


Feel free to comment,

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