The Being Exposed Challenge


So this morning I heard about a challenge, it’s called the Listerine challenge. I didn’t even ask, and yes I’m out of the loop and in fact it is nice.
This got me thinking about all the challenges over the last few years, Ice bucket challenge, fire challenge, cold water challenge and on and on. We are always trying to create a shock value to make ourselves feel import, needed and to set up something new (I’m no exception).

So I have a new challenge that is meaningful, life changing and life giving. Call it the “The being exposed challenge” and the point of this is to be real, be genuine, be honest, and show love.

How easy is it to be a jerk every day, yea it’s too easy and what does that get you? I’m sure not many people would love to be close to someone that is a jerk every day…

So here is how it works:

·         When someone asks you something, answer them WITH WHAT YOU ARE SAYING IN YOUR HEAD and if it is offensive have a conversation about why you think that way.

·         Be willing to step out and connect a little with others. So you risk getting your feelings hurt, how does loneliness feel? (I thought so)

·         Risk being open to the possibility that YOU MIGHT NOT ALWAYS BE RIGHT. If you are always right this world would be a mess with all the failures you have faced. (Yes I have as well)

·         Change the mindset that the world revolves around you! The world will carry on with or without you in it.

·         Show your emotions, happiness, sadness, loneliness, anger, fear, whatever you are feeling learn “to be in it” and address what is going on with the people involved. Yes that means TALK TO THEM!

So after doing all of the challenges if your life doesn’t begin to change, if your relationships do not begin to become genuine and open or if you do not begin to attract others with questions of what is wrong with you, then you are not giving it 100%.

Give it a try, I did and I feel saddened by the years I have wasted behind the walls I created to keep others at arm’s length. I changed this mindset a little over a week ago and WOW words cannot describe the changes in my feelings, outlook of life and the connections that were just waiting for me to let my walls down. This change came from an amazing opportunity that myself and wife have been a part of called Awaken by GAP Community and I cannot even begin to tell you how powerful this experience was for me.

We are going to be a part of GAP Community’s Awaken here in Michigan because I believe in it so much. Those of you who know me know that I do not stand for much with the exception of my wife and children; I stand for what this has opened in my family, my marriage and every relationship I have in my life.

It honestly has equipped me to change who I am. I would love to chat in person or over the phone about my experience and the reason for that is so you can see I’m not simply writing about this, I live this…. #RealLife #gapcommunity #awaken


Feel free to comment,

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