Man in the Jacket


“Love is the ultimate meaning of everything around us, Love is not a mere sentiment, and Love is the ultimate truth at the heart of creation”. – Rabindranath Tagore

Love is (in my opinion) the most necessary basic emotion as a human to foster connection. It can heal damage that appears un-healable, it can mend relationships that we feel may be lost and it is the only form of adoration that can destroy hate.

Love is an action not only a word; it is a humble sacrifice with no intended reciprocation.

“This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins”. – 1 John 4:10 (NIV)

Look at the sacrifice Jesus made to cover our sins and for payment he gave his life for us. I understand not everyone is follower of Jesus so simply look at the context, would you give your life if you knew it would save your child? Now how about someone you never met? That is faith and love in its purest form.

Without faith there can be no love, faith in another, faith in the love you give being recognized and even accepted. I have faith that one day I will learn to love others with no reserve and I have faith that one day I will open to the possibility of another loving me.

It has taken me most of my life to even begin to see what love is and I am only scratching the surface. Imagine how many in our communities that have never even felt what love is. They are the lost, criminals, orphans, homeless and they are the broken. I heard a great message at a banquet last night about where Jesus and true love shows up. It shows up where a motivated Christian intersects with a person in need. How many people in need have you encountered, now how many have you helped? I fail at this every day because of my pride and judgments towards them.

“Love is an act of faith, and whoever is of little faith is also of little love”. – Erich Fromm

I had an amazing opportunity to meet a gentleman last night that was in need, he was angry, suffering from a mental illness and pacing around the banquet hall. No one wanted to engage him out of fear of what he might do. I uncomfortably approached him and was overtaken by the sense of pain in his eyes. He was full of fear of everyone there, just as they were of him. I talked to him for about 20 min, invited him to sit with me and gave him some cake and water. The little act of love opened up his heart and as he began to tear up he hugged me and thanked me for my kindness.

That is love, I didn’t know if he had a gun, a knife or what his intentions were at the event.  All I knew was someone had to do something, so I stepped out in faith and it ended with a huge hug and tear in his eyes.

I made a difference in his life and he fed into my life with love in return.


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