Relay of Life


Picture life as a long relay race and our actions in life as the baton, we live our lives and through our encounters with others, passing our baton to others that will carry on how we treat them into their lives.

I choose to give myself freely and without selfishly seeking what I can get in return. We only have one life, this life, and we will never see this life again.

“It is not what we get, but who we become, what we contribute… That gives meaning to our lives”. – Tony Robbins

I have this saying that goes back to when we had our first daughter and it has been the one consistent thought that drives what I want for our future. My wife and I were talking one night and I remember saying to one another “I want so much better for her then what we had” and the words “break the cycle” were speaking to my heart. From that moment I saw the weight of the generational destruction in our lives that have been passes from parent to child and we knew something had to change.

We considered the fact that someone has to stop this from destroying what we love. So we said “let it be us, let us be the generation that destroys the weight of what divorce, abandonment and abuse can do to their lives”.

I am proudly married to the only wife I have had and only wife I will ever have, the mother of my children and love of my life. We met as teenagers and have had our share of terrible times and here we are still fighting for love 17 years later.

One day who I was will only continue in the pictures and memories of others, I want them to be marvelous memories that will last from generation to generation. I want my children’s children to be impacted by how I loved their great grandmother and how I loved their parents. Life seems to drift away only leaving behind the passed down lesions and actions learned, and I dream of an abundant love that will be passed down through our children.


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