Our Missing Men


Where are our children heading? They are heading for the open internet and with it so readily available at school, on their phones and at home we as parents need to come alongside them and lead by example.

What they are finding on the world wide web is terrifying.
I have personally experienced what damage an internet predator can inflict from the comfort of our homes so the “ahh it won’t happen to me” is crap..

I may be happening and you might not even know it.

I know pornography is a sensitive subject to discuss and I have also learned that just because something is not talked about doesn’t mean it isn’t a problem.

Here are some stats I found just to put some numbers and perspective around the subject of pornography. What I found is actually on the modest side of the numbers I have seen on other sites.


30 percent of the searches done on the internet are porn or adult content related. This is a huge increase from the 13% in 2010.

The sex industry is the most profitable. Are you ready for this? The porn industry will hit $97 billion by the end of the year, which is far more than Google at $66 Billion (2014)

Over 35 percent of the internet industry is porn related content.

The most searched term globally is “teen”. The search for this term quadrupled in 10 years, since 2005. Over half a million users search the word “teen” in porn related searches… Daily, yes daily.

Nearly 9 out of 10 (87%) of young men and 1 out of 3 (31%) of young women report using pornography.

Studies have found that American children start consuming pornography at the age of 11. So who are the largest group of internet consumers of internet pornography? Males between the ages of 12 and 17.

Source: www.ebaumsworld.com

Boys that will possibly be growing into men, fathers and husbands. They will be leaders in our churches, leaders in our homes and public figures. Our children are at risk of losing the war against their own eyes. Their willpower is being diluted by the acceptableness of a promiscuous lifestyle and the YOLO themed vision. Marriage is an option and multiple partners is viewed as the norm. What is the message our children are experiencing? Love is a beautiful sexy beach body and being loved means to give what others want. Our boys are becoming douche bags before they are out of middle school and our girls are handing out their puerity like a kiss of our day. The age of sexual experimentation is getting younger and younger.


Reading about the science of porn on the brain above is a image of the area of the brain that are engaged when experiencing sexual desire (B) and love (C). Porn creates a dependency to chemicals produced in the brain similar to a drug addiction and with the rise in how acceptable it is in society it is not getting easier for us to separate from the desire to seek the next fix.

I can’t remember exactly the first sexual involvement with the sight of a woman’s body and yet I know that it has always been available. The first I can remember was on USA’s up all night and I clearly remember the feeling and was hooked. The women were so beautiful and the feeling of excitement guaranteed my attention as a very young boy. This was the beginning of my addiction. I grew up lacking many rules let alone what I watched on the television. So U.S.A., HBO and Cinemax had everything a young boy desired to see until I began to pursue more. Then came the magazines fueling my craving to see a deeper level of a woman’s body. I never had to hide my posters, drawings or magazines and I think that saved me from totally destroying my life, let me explain.

You see it was never taboo, it was never seen as negative or an addiction until I was in my late 20’s, married, and had children. When the conversation about Pornography came up in my marriage I had never thought of what it was doing to my wife and how it would create a numbness with intimacy. I never connected how it creates a damaged view of the existence of a woman as an equal and not a lesser vessel to serve men.

Imagine the confusion of a boy viewing the dominance of men over women and being raised by a single mother. I have since broken the ties pornography has on me and am learning what true intimacy and love is. I pray that my past damage has not crept into our daughter’s view of what they see and search for in men. Save our children, fight for our marriages and break the chains pornographic addiction has in society. Strive and learn to bring back family values and traditions in our homes.


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