Stuck in the Cycle


“Habit and routine have an unbelievable power to waste and destroy”. – Henri de Lubac

Habits are important to sharpen your day to day choices. Those choices “positive or negative” will eventually produce how successful you are at living your life, stay positive and upbeat! It’s OK to have a bad day, we all have them. Resist the temptation to stay there and for sure do not let it change the outcome of the rest of the week.

“Never quit, never give in” is one of those very common expressions that contain only one aspect of an important larger perspective. Persistence is a benefit only when the goal is desirable and attainable. There is no shame in redirecting your energy to more positive and achievable goals. When your goal is to maintain and remain where you are (even in a great area in your life) you forfeit the opportunity to grow and become even healthier.

I am honestly at one if the best places I have ever been in my life and as I am content with the results of the hard work I have put in and the changes I have made this is not my time to rest. It is time to dig deeper, time to re-build, time to heal from the damage I have done. I have found that too much “rest” can lead to complacency and bankrupting relationships.

I do not want all my efforts to be in vain; my marriage, family and friendships are far too important to let myself slip back into the dark places that lead me to rock bottom. Life can be beautiful after devastation and love can be better always. Do not rest in the stagnancies of a mundane life, resist the temptation of thinking every day is exactly the same, create a new love, and repair what has been broken.

“Successful people are simply those with successful habits”. – Brian Tracy



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