Take a Step


Standing at the edge and looking down into the precipice. Shivers go down my spine as the gentle wind brushes my face. Nothing surrounds me,  I hear the peaceful quietness, no cars, no birds, nothing but the soft wind and smell of trees in the air.

“Take a step closer” I tell myself, I close my eyes and my senses intensify; its pine that I smell and a hint of saltwater, I can almost taste the salt in the air. I take the last step to the edge, as I feel the edge beneath my feet an overpowering sense that something huge coming on the horizon. Too far to see with my eyes and yet I can feel it, like an approaching storm, the soft rumble of thunder as the chill in the air flows over my skin. I feel the hair on my arms begin to stand as the goose bumps arise.

Where are you?
Where have you been for so long?
Father why haven’t I been able to hear your direction?
What is my next move?
Do I jump?
Do I return to where I came from?
Am I hearing you correctly father?
What is it you are saying?
I am listing with my heart not my head…


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