What if We Are All Wrong


What if we are all wrong about who we think God is?

What if we are all wrong about who we think we are?

Imagine for a second that the image you have of yourself is simply a lie you tell yourself to fit in.

What if you are not as great as you think you are, or vice-versa you are far better than you think you are?

Who are we to make another feel less than loved because they listen to Rap music, they swear or because they drink beer.

Who am I to restrict my love for another out of spite or out of the lack of receiving the love “I feel” I deserve back.

Who am I to dictate another’s life or  minimize their struggles because I find them easy to overcome.

Is it because I’m a Christian?

Does that title give me the right to judge?

Is it because the followers of Jesus are human and all sin.

No, it is that I have been sent to reach the ones that society have thrown away.

Who was it that Jesus surrounded himself with, the broken, the dirty and the lost. Not the ones who were able to hide the fact that they needed him.

I love my life, my children, my friends, my wife and most importantly my God.


3 thoughts on “What if We Are All Wrong

  1. You know, you started off with hitting upon a greater truth missed by most, that God is not whom most think He is… and neither are we. There is so much not taught in church about the truth of your reality and what salvation really is.

    Even though your post was not what I had hoped to see you had uncovered I still greatly enjoyed the message. 🙂


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