Dream Big


“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” – Nelson Mandela

Why not live the life you dream of?

Why not set goals and strive to reach them?

If you hold back out of fear of failure you will never truly live. Take my word for it; I lived most of my life driven by fear, the fear of never being a good father, the fear of failing at my marriage and the fear of never amounting to anything.

This year one of my biggest fear came true, the failure of my marriage and guess what, I didn’t die. I can live after divorce and I am still a great man regardless of the results of my marriage, my marriage does not define who I am as a man or if I am a failure in life. What is does tell me is where I messed up and to learn how to change what fell apart.

Life has a strange way of bringing to light those fears we tuck deep down in the back rooms of our mind, those little hidden rooms that we think are hidden. We all have them, we all think they are hidden away to keep us safe and to never show others we have fears.

What if I told you that those little hidden rooms full of fear could be driving parts of your life, what those little secret worries that you keep so safe end up destroying what you care about most.

Life is a series of attempts, triumphs, failures and endeavors. If you allow what seems to be a failure stop you from dreaming then that is exactly what it was, a failure. However if you learn from the failure and use it to align your life, what was a failure can be looked at as a triumph.

No one can chose when you give up and it is up to you when you stop chasing the dreams you see. I chose to live, I chose to heal and I chose to love through the pain of what was, knowing that things will never be the same and one day will be much better than imagined.


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