Good Enough


“The biggest human temptation is to settle for too little”. – Thomas Merton

Well, if that isn’t sobering….
It makes me think about times in my life that I have simply given up, “eh that’s good enough” and moved on.

It’s never too late to be what you have imagined yourself as. Choose never to be unhappy with your current accomplishments in life; strive to reach excellence in all that truly matter in life.

Even in the disasters of life there can be beauty. Beauty in growth and overcoming what you imagined would destroy you; beauty in seeing that what you once thought would kill you only makes you stronger. 

Our lives are not a one way street that we just along for the ride, it is more like a superhighway of roads that twist and turn in every direction imaginable. Don’t set your life on cruise control and do not just sit back and say “eh this is good enough” the choice is ours to begin and finish, start and stop, and open and close doors in our lives. 

“Good enough never is”. – Debbi Fields


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