Our Limits


Life is lived in the mists;
little is fully visible; less is certain.
Yet rejoice in the unknowing,
and let all of life be a wonderful adventure.” – Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Hold the “expectations” in life to a minimum.. What we expect to happen in many cases only leads to a letdown. There is only one expectation I can think of that has never failed, my faith. When my expectations in life have failed my faith has pulled me back up on my feet and I have always come out better on the other side. This year has rocked the deepest expectation I have ever had. I believe in family and I placed limits on what a family could be.

Through my faith I have found that life can be what you make it. I do not feel the need to hold onto “titles” in my life. I will not be defined by the titles I thought made me who I am.

I am Scott Jenkins, a man on earth that has a desire to connect with others and impact their lives for the better. If I allow my titles to define who I am, I place limits on what I can become.

I never want to place limits on who Scott Jenkins is again. I have so much more to give than a simple title.


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