Finding Peace


With all the changes surrounding our lives the search for peace is a full time job. One day we may feel we have peace in our heart and the next it’s nowhere in site.

Today I attended a viewing for a man I met one time. He was a few years younger than I am and I didn’t know him well. He is the brother to a couple I met and became friends with. We met at a surprise birthday party and I only had a few hours to get to know him. What I got from that short time was he was full of life, loving father, husband and brother and today I stood to share my condolences to the family for their loss.

As I was surrounded by his family it broke my heart. This man was a father, a husband, friend, brother, son and was full of life. How? Why did this happen to someone so full of life?

I struggle to find peace in certain areas of life, this being one of them. We have all heard the cliche saying “everything happens for a reason” yea, well I fail to see the reasons some people are taken before they had a chance to fully live. I have lost a few people in my life that were taken way too soon.

I began this journey of writing over a year ago and for a very different reason. My writing has evolved into a tool to reach others that under normal circumstances would not have the opportunity to be reached.

I pray that I can bring peace into moments of chaos in the lives of the readers. To share that you are not alone in the struggles and hardships of life. I have started to do a lot of reading from others blogs and articles posted about general life issues and I have found that we are all living very similar lives. Yes there are different life experiences, and they all come down to a few basic needs.

I have found that the lack of peace is NOT joy and I’m struggling to find peace in some of the circumstances I have seen in life.

“You can choose to be peaceful right here and now…  It has nothing to do with what other people do or think”. – Gerald Jampolsky

One day I hope this all makes sense..


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