Loving The Little Things In Life


Something inside of me wants to say “bah humbug” to Valentine’s Day.

Yes, today is Valentine’s Day, and I had a great day today! Romance in the air, cards and chocolate being given, hugs and kisses from my loved ones and yet I feel a little “blah” towards today.

I love any reason to have a romantic day however today feels a little too planned for me. I feel a little bitter towards the halmark routine feelings of today.

So much has changed over the last year, I feel the ups and downs becoming less and less frequent and the blah feelings beginning to be a distant memory.

Today I had the opportunity to spend the morning with my lovely girlfriend and the evening with my two daughters. This is life, and the idea of normal is not something I would ever desire again.

Seeing that normal is a word we should never use again and life is full of ambivalence.

I do not regret the past, nor do I regret one single action in my life. It has lead me to where I am right now. What I have experienced, If it was hard, I learned something from it and it was easy it was easy because I have learned how to handle the situation better.

Today I am learning to rest in what I have learned from the hard times I have seen over the last few years. I’m thankful for so many people in my life today and also thankful for those people that are no longer in my life.

Every relationship I have had was for a reason, good or bad, a lesson to learn, what to do or what not to do they all served a purpose in my life, some were small influences and some were huge.

“No partner in a loving relationship should feel that he or she has to give up an essential part of themselves to make it viable.” – May Sarton

I would love nothing more than to see how my future turns out and there is nothing in the world that would make me give up this moment right now or to overlook what today was.

I have heard the saying “live in the moment” well, I am living in the moments much more than I ever have and I love what those little moments do to my heart, especially when the person you have to share them with understands the hardships in life. My heart is full and I hope you all have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Feel every moment, experience life as it comes and never take anything for granted.


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