To Live in a World Devoted to Destruction


My heart goes out to all the people that lost their lives last night and all the families that now have to suffer because of the actions of a man who has no vale of human life. With that said, I do not want to lose the joy I have in my life. I spent yesterday and late last night on an adventure with 5 of the most wonderful girls in my life in one of the biggest cities I have seen. The fun times, laughter and even a time of panic when I realized I had no idea where I parked the truck filled my mind and heart as I fell asleep. Everything I had in my mind and heart became completely forgotten when I began browsing social media this morning after waking up.  All those experiences we all shared last night could have been stolen by the flood of emotions I gave to a man that decided to go on a shooting spree, and for most of the morning they have been. My conversations should have been about last night, the goofy things we did, the funny people we saw and the memories we made together, instead I left all that out as I chatted about death and destruction.

I am not saying to overlook what has happen, but to find a level of control with the energy given to the situation. My morning was filled with emotions over the tragedy that occurred last night while I was out making memories with my loved ones, what good are those memories if they become lost in the destruction that surrounds us daily.  Pray for those who lost their lives to such a horrific crime and celebrate today with our loved ones that surround us. Do not let fear steal our joy or anxieties overtake hope for beauty in life.


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