Six Words Can Change Your Life


I just read an article and had to share with my Real Life subscribers. Twenty, six word sentences that can change your life. Some of them hit me harder than others. I love to see how much power our words can have.

The best example is (I Love You)

Take a little time today to remember those who may not be here and be thankful for those who are.

1) The smallest coffins are the heaviest
2) Siri, delete mom from my contacts
3) Strangers, friends, best friends, lovers, strangers
4) Goodbye Mission Control, thanks for trying
5) Voyager still transmitting, but earth didn’t
6) One bullet is a lifetime supply
7) Mom taught me how to shave
8) Introducing myself to mother again today
9) I just saw my reflection blink
10) I met my soulmate, she didn’t
11) An only Son, a folded flag
12) Passengers, this isn’t your captain speaking
13) Just married! Read the shattered windshield
14) Brought roses home, keys didn’t fit
15) Jumped, then I changed my mind
16) He hit Send, then a tree
17) Never seen chalk outlines so small
18) Dad left; a flag came back
19 What’s your return policy on rings
20) It’s our 15th, table for one
Credit to: The Writer’s Circle


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