Choices, Choices..


Whenever you think “this is too hard” the task will become difficult, dread it, and it becomes terrifying.

If and when you choose to move past fear life becomes much lighter, even enjoyable. Most fear is created in our minds, fear of failure, fear of embarrassment or the fear of looking bad in others eyes.

Fears in my life have come from the lack of understanding or found in the time between hearing and knowing an event in life. I recently had a biopsy done on a spot on my face; my mind is telling me to fear the results. At this moment in life this could be my “fear of the between”.
The time from the day I heard “that needs to be removed” to 13 days from now until I get the results whether it’s benign or not.
I could live in fear, every day waking up and thinking “could it be Cancer” and allowing this fear to steal my joy or I could continue on with my day and say “there’s no sense in fearing what I can’t change” and living as today is just another day I had the opportunity to live.


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