What is Your Life Saying About You


Life is not a tragedy; it is a comedy, to be alive means to have a sense of humor”. – Osho

Life, the ultimate movie, It can be a comedy; it can be horror movie, romance or drama, life can be what you choose it to be or you could see everything in life as a tragedy. What if we have a destiny in life, a point at which our lives are meant to reach a certain “goal”? What if it wasn’t about Democrat or Republican, Christianity or Islam, gay or straight? What if we all had a purpose? What if there was no judgment, no hate, or no prejudice motives?

What if we just loved one another for what we have to offer not what they may have done to hurt or offend you. We all have been hurt,  offended, abandoned by someone whether it’s through death or life changes.

There’s a difference between accepting that we are all far from perfect, and moving on with life and hating someone because they in some way impacted your life in a way you may see as negative. We all need to drop the entitlement mindset and quit living as a victim of life.
No one is here to live for you, no one is here to be a servant to you and no one is here to please you. All of them can be a part of your life, but it should be given as a gift from them, not a requirement you place on them being a part of your life.

I am learning the truth about forgiveness,  I have always heard “forgiveness is not for the one your forgiving, it’s for you” I am beginning to feel that and I have a long list of people to forgive. I’m sure there are many people out there that need forgiveness from me too, and when that day comes, do not fear the healing that comes when you can forgive someone in your heart.

I want my life to tell others that I understand we all have messed up, and I am learning to forgive you, all of you.


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