Evolution of my Relationships


Stranger, acquaintance, friend, best friend, lovers, stranger.

Think back in your past, how many friends fall into this process? This is not the case for everyone, however for me this quite often the case.

I have a few friends that have been my friend for as long as I can remember and yet the are strangers in a sense due to life changes or distance between us.

A friend is someone who understands my past, believes in my future, and accepts me just the way I am, even with a messy thought process and ADD at times”.

As I sit and write this a sobering realization hits me. I have become more alone than I have ever been in my life. Yet I am at peace with it, does it mean that I needed a break from people to work on my life or does it mean that I desire to be alone. What does it all mean.

I have seen so many people come and go, some I never thought I would say goodbye too and others I saw it coming.

So are we simply here to get what we need at that time in our life and move on when that comes to an end? To me that sounds terrible and selfish. Yet time after time my life has proven just that and I find it easier to be alone.
A life with a future living selfishly will end alone, and I personally don’t want to die alone.

As a child I remember having a warrior’s heart, as I get older I see my battles becoming less and less and for sure lacking intensity. The dragons I fought were life changing and important to create who I would become as an adult. Is this how life should be or is this the small steps towards becoming what I was meant to become.

I may not have loved the life I had, however even the struggles when I was younger give me a little smile and jolt in my heart. I won so many battles, fought against many odds, got out of the neighborhood that would definitely have killed me.

Look at my life now, I have a great job, two beautiful daughters, family that has my back and friends that even if I don’t see often enough would be here with one phone call, and a new life and relationships in front of me.

So in my onion life is nothing more than a bunch of beginnings and endings. The time we spend between the beginning and ending is life. It could be for months or years or it could be for life and it’s all exactly as it should be.

Life is a funny crazy adventure, and I’m glad to have some people that are just as messy as I am on this journey with me.

To my acquaintances, I hope your friendship brings joy to our lives.

To my friends and family, thank you for everything you have done, and I appreciate you all.

To love, this is the last step in my evolution of relationships, and I am looking forward to living here for a while.

To the strangers, it’s been nice to have you while you lasted, let life take you in new direction and don’t look back.

Image source: http://www.pixteller.com


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