Running from Life


Today I came into work rushing and flustered, struggling to figure out everything I needed to begin my day. The second I arrived the busyness began, and one thing after another turned minutes into hours.

“When we get too caught up in the busyness of the world, we lose connection with one another – and ourselves”. – Jack Kornfield

Day after day this tends to be our reality, losing touch with friends, family and love ones. The never ending carrot on a rope begin dangled in our face, just out of reach and never satisfied with the taste of just one bite.

One hour turns into a day, day into a week and before you know it years have passed by. The Relationships that once meant the world to me are now a distant memory of the past and friends that I see in passing only to say a quick hello as I scurry by on my missions in life have begun to making me feel empty. Is this what life becomes if we do not take time for ourselves and for one another?

One day when the busyness of the world uses us up and we become too tired to carry on, where will that leave us?

I remember as a child thinking “how great is it going to be to be a teenager”

As a teenager thinking to myself “this sucks, I can’t wait to be an adult and on my own”

Now that I’m an adult I catch myself dreaming of the days I gave up so willingly and just couldn’t wait to get over with. I remember getting my license like it was yesterday, that was almost 20 years ago now.

Now that I have reached the last step in the “goals of life” I am beginning to realize how much I should love and cherish every day, everyone in my life, my friends and family, because one day they will not be here. My daughters will soon be past the point of needing me as a provider and be off on their own adventures in life.

“Wherever I am, the world comes after me, it offers me its busyness, it does not believe that I do not want it”.  – Mary Oliver 

We have to live our lives with intention and passion, with endless love, forgiveness and without limits.

This year I want to try to focus on the five actions above and all five will take courage and to forget my pride long enough to step through the doorway.

I have so many chances at life; I’m not sure how many, I have lost count at all the blessings I have received over my 35 years here! Every once in a while its nice to think of the gifts and blessings we have and to be humbled at how many chances in life we have been given to start again.


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