Our Illusion, Forever or For Now


Forever: For all future time; for always; Continually; Lasting or permanent.

This is a word I used like it was meaningless;
“You will be my best friend forever man”
“it’s taking forever to get there”
“I will love you forever”
The truth is there is no such thing as forever, there is “for now”. Don’t let that diminish how you live, just understand nothing on earth lasts forever.

I have a very hard time using that word now; it has a stigma surrounding it, it has an almost nails on the chalkboard sound when I hear it. I have a new respect for so many of the words I used on a daily basis. I feel that nothing can be assured in life, which in a way is a blessing and relief.

The permanence of anything can cause entitlement or misconstrued privilege. I have overcome so many illusions in life; this is one that hit me the hardest.

My illusion was that forever was real, today I plan to live my life “for now”.
Although I now know that forever is not realistic, I still plan to treat it like there is a forever and that is where my integrity is tested. Life has a way of slapping you in the face once in awhile, I’m learning to take the slap as a wakeup call not abuse and a warning that something in my life needs to be changed.

With this new life I have reached a new level of respect for so many things, my words, and my actions and to realize everything in life has significance.

Everything we do will impact someone somewhere somehow. I am humbled at how I have lived my life for so long, now is a great time to change some of the patterns I have held onto for so long.


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