When Life Changes, Listen


My natural tendency in life is to look at the “big picture”. To look further and further into the future, planning out my steps and seeing how my future looks.  What that does is forces you to miss out on the opportunity today has to offer. I had a plan for my life, and life has changed so much.

I still have a plan today, my plan is just much different than I had expected. No expectations, flexible schedule and focused on today.

My plan was to get married, have 2 children, a dog, fenced in back yard on a lake, boat rides, enjoying sunsets from my deck and living happily ever after.

About 15 months ago my vision for that life was lost with talk of divorce, and now everything has changed.

What I had “planned” became something that I thought would never happen. In the process of getting on my feet I learned something very valuable, life can not be planned and nothing in life is a guarantee. That means my life is far from over and I have the opportunity to see how life can be different, well I’m listening.

I have been learning to appreciate the little things much more.  In the past they almost seemed to be meaningless to my bigger vision, I was so wrong. My plan has not changed however how I get there has. Having appreciation for the little things are what give the direction for the bigger things in life to come into focus.

“Appreciation is the highest form of prayer for it acknowledges the presence of good wherever you shine the light of your thankful thoughts”.
– Alan Cohen

I planned to raise my daughters here in Portage, MI until they graduated and move out to a lake house near Portage. The girls would always be welcome as they grow into their own lives.

Well I may need to set my vision to accommodate a few more people than I had intended originally. I have 3 more amazing girls in my life than before.

I have been dating an amazing woman and during the process of rebuilding and finding my way back to my feet I fell in love.

She has two beautiful daughters almost the exact same age as my daughters. The relationship we all have is beyond pleasing to my heart and a breath of fresh air. It’s the little things that I have always needed to see; Today I see what is right in front of me and although I never planned for this I thank God for showing me my life can fall apart and can still continue on.

Today I am full of joy and appreciation for everything and everyone I have in my life.

“Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are”. – Marianne Williamson

My life is not measured by the house I live in, the car I drive, the boat I own or the job title I hold. It’s made up of all the little moments I can share with the people I care about the most. I have lost a lot through the last year, one thing I have seen the biggest change in is my pride. The pride in everything I had before. What I truly need can’t be bought, it can’t be taken or forced. It is given for free, naturally and generously. Looking back at the past I no longer see mistakes I have made, I see lessons I needed to learn, lots of lessons..


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