We Are All Human


We are all connected in some way or another, whether we like it or not. We are the all of the same race, we are of the human race and sequentially trying to reach the same core goals; searching for God, love others and to feel love, reach an honest life and enjoy our family.


When looking at the diversity of our country it should be seen as limitless possibilities not “us and them” or who is right or wrong. I recently saw a video about the history of our country; it was created and is such an amazing country because of the diversity that so many people are fighting.

“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe”. – John Muir

Why is it so hard to see we are all connected and the same deep down. Yes there is and has always been evil in the world and in most cases it’s due to ignorance in their beliefs or an unmet mental condition.

WE are failing as humanity!

What if we tried to understand and not push what we do not understand away or loved more and hated less? I truly hope that we can learn to come together for my children and grandchildren’s sake. Do we really want to let everything fall apart and give it to our loved ones to fix?

Imagine this, my daughter looking up and watching her father and seeing how I live, watching all the hate I spread, fighting and struggling through life as I push racism, hate and cursing God. What do you think she will feel as she becomes an adult?

Here is a great example, I am a Christian and that means one thing that I believed Jesus gave his life to cover my sins! So let’s look at just one religion, sense we are on the topic how about Christianity.

I live and was born in United States of America, that makes me an American and I worship God, and he had a son that was not from America. Jesus was a Judean and he lived in Judea, spoke Aramaic, Hebrew and Greek. His “religion” was being Jewish as most Judeans were. He was a resident of the kingdom of Judea when he was born. So should I curse my religion because he is not American,.. This is the ignorance we are all facing whether we are Christians or not.

I’m not excusing the actions of hate and the evil that happens, the reason of the hate needs to be understood and corrected. The action of hate comes from an issue with the heart not a race and is carried out by the individual not the weapon they use. We need to come together as humanity. It has nothing to do with who is right or wrong, what God they believe in, what race they are or what language they speak. It has to do with leaving our loved ones with a better world than they came into.

Image Source: www.pixteller.com


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