Believe in the Beauty of Today

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I have had a plan in my mind for as long as I could remember about what I wanted when I grew up. To get married, have 2 children, become everything I could become at my work (at the time I wanted to become a mechanic), have a dog, nice cars and one day live on a lake. This has always been my “plan” for as far as I could remember.

It’s a bit different than I had envisioned in my life, well some of it and the only thing I could control about any of it was my perspective.

Although I am no longer married I have a relationship with an amazing woman that is pleasing to my heart, I have two Beautiful daughters and a bonus of two more due to Jennifer, I do not have a dog however she has two of them, I am not a mechanic but do work on pharmaceutical machinery, I do not really care much about the cars I drive however they are nice, I am currently living in an nice little apartment and hope to be in a lake house in the next few years.

Every thought we think is creating our future”. – Louise L. Hay

Today I’m not really planning as much as I did when I was younger, not because of everything that has not turned out but because it really doesn’t matter much as long as I am happy where I am today and I am very happy where I am today. I wouldn’t steal from that feeling or trade it in for a dream of one day having something else. Yes, sure I dream they just do not hold as much power in my life as they did in the past, I would rather live today to its fullest than wait for it to appear to “work out”.

A beautiful future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of today. It’s all about your outlook on life, you can focus on what isn’t going according to “plan” or you can focus on what is. After a while the plan of life seems to fade and that is when true enjoyment can be appreciated.  I wouldn’t give up today for tomorrow even if I could!



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